Our Partners

Get high-performing equipment from world-leading photonics and industrial laser manufacturers.

Amplitude Laser SA

Amplitude is a world leader in the manufacture of ultrafast lasers. Their femtosecond lasers offer high-quality, high-precision microprocessing. They’re also a trusted name in standard and custom nanosecond lasers.

ATL Lasertechnik GmbH

Looking for a compact, high repetition rate, short-pulse excimer laser? ALT Lasertechnik remains a leader in the field. See what they offer.

BEAM-Machines SA

Manufacture or repair large metal parts with BeAM Machines DED 3D printing solutions. Discover what’s possible with directed energy deposition.

Applied Spectra Inc.

Applied Spectra laser systems improve your analysis with minimal sample preparation, fast measurement time, and a versatile elemental coverage.


Help keep your workplace safe by removing laser fumes and particulate with BOFA’s extensive range of fume extractors.


MPLC technology from Cailabs lets you shape multiple beams simultaneously. Find out what’s possible with this electronically adjustable beam shaping technology.

CIVAN Advanced Technologies

Discover how these high-power fibre lasers with dynamic laser beam shaping could revolutionise the way you process materials.


Ensure a constant melt pool during your laser metal deposition (LMD) and cladding processes with CLAMIR’s high-speed infrared camera.

coaxworks GmbH

coaxworks offers direction-independent laser wire deposition, with both standard and customised multi-beam laser welding heads.

Edgewave GmbH

Discover the many benefits of EdgeWave’s short pulse and ultrashort pulse lasers for processing microstructures with minimal heat-affection and more.

FOBA (Alltec) Laser GmbH

Create lasting marks on your products using FOBA’s camera-assisted laser marking systems. Trace your products and protect your brand.


Get customised and affordable Diffractive Optical Elements from leaders in the field Holo/Or. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Hyspex Hyperspectral Cameras

Raymax partners with HySpex because they offer the highest data quality on the market and have years of experience. See all your options.


By partnering with KLÓE, Raymax brings an impressive range of mask aligners and direct laser writing systems to Australia and New Zealand.

Laser Safety Industries

Looking for quality laser safety equipment? Raymax supplies laser safety goggles, windows, barriers & curtains from world-leading manufacturer Laser Safety Industries.


Raymax is a proud partner with Laserline. Explore their high-power, long-lasting, low-maintenance and compact laser solutions.

Light Machinery Inc

Looking for the high-performing excimer or CO2 lasers and optical components? Talk to Raymax about LightMachinery’s rugged and proven technologies.

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd

Need a high-speed, high-performance laser marking printer? Discover why production lines all over the world rely on Linx Printing.

Lumentum Inc

Lumentum produces lasers that facilitate technological innovation. Contact Raymax about their diode and ultrafast laser technology.


Achieve ultra-high resolution microscale 3D printing for microfluidics, micro-optics, surface structuring, medical device manufacturing, micro-prototyping and more.

Noir Laser Company

Looking for laser safety eyewear? Talk to the laser experts at Raymax about high quality laser safety goggles and glasses from Noir Laser Company.

Optec Lasea Group

Process features down to 1μm in size with Optec’s laser micromachining systems. Talk to Raymax to find out what’s possible.


Want to reduce waste by extending the shelf-life of your produce? Check out PerfoTec’s ingenious laser perforation solution.

Teem Photonics

Looking for a short-pulse laser that balances reliability with affordability? Talk to Raymax about Teem Photonics lasers.

Thales Group Lasers

For 35 years, Thales Group has been an industry leader in diode pumped and flashlamp pumped nanosecond lasers. Find out about their state-of-art high-power lasers.

Trumpf Lasers

With almost 100 years of history, Trumpf is a global leader in high-tech solutions. Check out their laser solutions for scientific and industrial applications.

VIAVI Solutions

Perform rapid material analysis anywhere. VIAVI’s handheld spectrometers are affordable and portable, without compromising on performance.

Vision Lasertechnik

Mobile semi-automatic laser welding machines. Perform high quality welding with the flexibility of manual positioning and motion.

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