Holo/Or Ltd.

Laser manipulation using Diffractive Optical Elements

Beam shaping, beam splitting, and more...

Holo/Or is an Israeli company that manufactures customisable and affordable Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE). DOEs allow you to manipulate a laser beam. Holo/Or are leaders in the field with almost infinite possibilities of beam shaping, beam splitting or focal shaping.

Using in-house IP software and tools, Holo/Or creates expert DOEs for applications requiring high precision and high-powered lasers. They may be used in aesthetic procedures, materials processing, glass cutting, semiconductors, structured light, and research.

Holo/Or offers an expansive portfolio of standard products. But they can also create customised optical elements to suit your needs. Get in touch with Raymax to discover what your options are.

What’s possible with Holo/Or Diffractive Optical Elements?

Diffractive Optical Elements

DOEs have thin microstructure patterns that alter the phase of light transmitted through it. Each DOE is usually created for a specific wavelength. Whether you want beam shaping, beam splitting, focal shaping or more, Holo/Or together with Raymax can help. Contact the laser experts at Raymax to discuss your laser manipulation requirements.

Beam shaping

Need a uniform spot laser beam? The beam shaping products from Holo/Or can achieve spots that are round, rectangular, square, line and more with a sharp edge. This lets you treat a surface equally with a clear border between treated and untreated. For single-mode lasers, your options include Focal Beam Shaping, Angular Beam Shaping or an M-Shaper. Flat-Top diffusers can be used with multimode lasers. The Holo/Or range also includes Ring Shapers.

Beam splitting

Split 1 laser beam into several with Holo/Or’s beam-splitting technology. You define the inter-spot distance and how the spots are aligned, whether that’s a line, matrix, cross, hexagonal, triangle etc. Holo/Or offers standard beam splitters and a custom range, where you choose the number of spots and their locations. Beam splitters are available in wavelengths from UV to IR.

Focal shaping

Focal shaping elements from Holo/Or are often used to process transparent materials. This could include laser cutting and drilling of glass, microscopy applications and more. The DOEs are used to manipulate the focal properties of a laser beam. Talk to Raymax about the possibilities of focal shaping products for your process.

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