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Vast range of laser sources & machines

Benefit from a long history of innovation

With almost 100 years of history, Trumpf is a global leader in high-tech solutions. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of lasers for scientific and industrial applications.

Trumpf laser systems are well-renowned for their reliability and quality. You get a laser solution with a long service life that’s easy to repair. The wide variety means there’s likely a laser solution to match your specific cutting, welding, or processing requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Trumpf lasers could streamline your processes, check out their solutions below. Then talk to Raymax to discuss your unique requirements.

What does Trumpf manufacture?

Fiber Lasers

Trumpf offers a wide range of fiber lasers for diverse applications. Key benefits include their compact size and durability. Achieve up to 2 kW with a single-mode (SM) beam or up to 6 kW with a multiple-mode (MM) option. Trumpf fiber lasers are designed to be easily integrated into your larger system.

Ultra Short Pulse Lasers

Choose from nanosecond lasers (short pulse) to picosecond or femtosecond lasers (ultra short pulse) for your micro-processing needs. In the ultrashort range from Trumpf, you’re able to cold process materials with virtually no heat affected zone (HAZ). Talk to Raymax about your microprocessing needs, including cutting, drilling, ablating and structuring.

EUV Drive Lasers

EUV stands for Extreme Ultraviolet light. Together with ASML and Zeiss, Trumpf has developed technology to produce this light with a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers for industrial applications. It’s used to enable progress in the production of microchips. To find out more about the one-of-a-kind Trumpf CO2 laser system used, talk to the laser experts at Raymax.

Sensor Systems

Trumpf offers multiple methods for monitoring your processes. By monitoring and controlling your process, you can work faster with more reliability. Talk to Raymax about the potential for monitoring 3D characteristics, weld depths, temperature and more.

Processing Optics

Want to adapt a laser to suit your specific processing task? With Trumpf’s focusing optics, you can perform high-quality welding, cutting, ablation, heat treating, or drilling. They also offer specialty processing optics for cutting glass, welding transparent materials, soldering galvanised sheet metal parts, or remote processing.

Scientific Lasers

Are you a pioneering researcher looking for a scientific laser solution? Trumpf is well known for its industrial lasers. However, Trumpf lasers are also used in research facilities around the world. Its subsidiaries offer customised laser systems for scientific research. Talk to Raymax about your scientific laser requirements today.

Why Raymax?

We make laser light work for you. We’ve spent over 30 years demonstrating what’s possible with lasers. In doing so, we’ve helped modernise Australian and New Zealand industries. You’ll be working with a team of physicists and factory-trained engineers—leaders in the supply of laser solutions and photonics equipment. We’re experts in material interaction research. Wherever possible, you’ll be introduced to new technology that can improve operation in ways you might not have imagined possible.

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