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We are a team of physicists and engineers who collaborate with the academic community to find out what’s possible with laser light. If you have a scientific application requiring any laser system, from micro applications to heavy welding or 3D metal printing, Raymax can help. Explore some of the ways we can make light work for you.

We understand lasers

Life as an academic is busy. You’re juggling research, teaching, publishing and more. That’s why when you have a set laser requirement, it’s so much easier to deal with a single supplier who understands laser physics. We speak your language. Most of the lasers we sell have applications in scientific research. We offer laser solutions for the scientific community covering the full wavelength, pulse length and power spectrums. Save time by coming to us first.

Laser evaluation

When someone in the scientific community comes to us, they’ve usually done the research and have a specific idea in mind. But if you want our input, we’ll gladly offer it. We not only have an in-depth understanding of laser physics and material interaction, but we can also help you test your theories before purchase. Our lab is full of cutting-edge laser equipment where we can trial various applications for you.

As well as supporting the valuable research in areas as diverse as cancer treatment to minerals processing, the ongoing relationship with Raymax and Kloe has spun out new capability developments in other areas.”

Simon Doe – ANFF Facilities Manager, UniSA

Highest quality

You can’t do quality research with substandard equipment. The most cost-effective solution is always going to be something that does the job you need it to do. The more quality research and subsequent publication you do, the better your chance of increasing your ranking on a global scale. We partner with some of the world’s leading laser manufacturers to offer our clients robust laser solutions.

Let’s work together

What sets us apart from other laser suppliers is our scientific background. That means you can ask us detailed questions about the laser physics of our lasers and get clear answers. Equipped with those answers, you can purchase the right laser to meet your requirements.

Cost-effective lasers for scientific research

We understand that to do successful scientific research, you need a laser that works and also meets budgetary requirements. We talk to the technical and finance departments to help find a solution that keeps everyone happy. You may need us to fill in a tender, which we do happily. Throughout all this, one thing we never compromise on is quality.

Why Raymax?

We make laser light work for you. We’ve spent over 30 years demonstrating what’s possible with lasers. In doing so, we’ve helped modernise Australian and New Zealand industries. You’ll be working with a team of physicists and factory-trained engineers—leaders in the supply of laser solutions and photonics equipment. We’re experts in material interaction research. Wherever possible, you’ll be introduced to new technology that can improve operation in ways you might not have imagined possible.

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