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Reliable processing of materials

Thinking about investing in lasers for your factory or plant? Infrared lasers, such as CO2 and Fiber lasers, are the most efficient, durable, and cost-effective lasers to process a wide range of metals. But there are also other blue light and hybrid laser solutions emerging for highly reflective, and traditionally challenging, metals like copper or gold. As experts in material interaction, Raymax Lasers can help you find the best way forward.

Precision laser cutting process

To improve efficiency, you need a solution that surpasses your current solution in terms of reliability and speed. Laser cutting is unmatched in terms of precision. The laser is focused through a nozzle, melting the metal locally. It’s simultaneously blown away by a suitable gas. The kerf (width of the cut) created can be less than 20 microns – or half the width of a human hair. There’s simply no other way to achieve this effect. What’s more, the tolerances are marginal, and even intricate parts can be replicated quickly.

Maintain material stability

Industrial laser applications are increasingly complex. After the metal part is cut, it may then need to be welded. To achieve this effect, the characteristics of the material can’t be tampered with. Radiating heat, for example, can make it too brittle or ductile to be useful. Laser processing is controlled. There is a very narrow heat-affected zone (HAZ) close to the kerf, and the material remains uncompromised. Before selecting a laser, you need to understand how the material will interact with the light to get a reliable outcome.

The support and service Raymax has provided is fantastic.

Neville Brokenshire QSP Engineering

Fit-for-purpose laser welding

Advanced laser technology can streamline your processes. Most manufacturing involves joining materials together. For deeper welds, you might be looking at lasers for keyhole welding. This has previously caused spatters that required post-processing. But Laserline has developed a solution to mitigate this.

This is just one example of how crucial it is to find the right solution. The best laser welding solution is one that takes into account and satisfies your unique set of requirements.

You have options

We research, supply, and maintain lasers from multiple partners for advanced welding and cutting. The differences include the type of laser, cost, ability to change beam characteristics, or whether you want a laser to fit into your machines or order a full system. With so many options and combinations available, it’s never been more important to have a trusted partner to advise you. We’ll work with you to find the right laser solution.

Why Raymax?

We make laser light work for you. We’ve spent over 30 years demonstrating what’s possible with lasers. In doing so, we’ve helped modernise Australian and New Zealand industries. You’ll be working with a team of physicists and factory-trained engineers—leaders in the supply of laser solutions and photonics equipment. We’re experts in material interaction research. Wherever possible, you’ll be introduced to new technology that can improve operation in ways you might not have imagined possible.

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