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Reliably track products with a laser coding system.

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Fast, permanent, and reliable traceability

If you work in manufacturing, you’re probably familiar with the headaches that can come from having to mark your products. And yet, it’s essential for internal and external traceability. Lasers can code a wide range of materials, from glass, plastic, paper and metal. It’s fast and doesn’t affect the volume of the material it’s marking. But most importantly, it’s virtually impossible to tamper with. Raymax offers a full range of marking laser solutions, including excimer lasers for particular requirements. Learn more about our custom solutions here.

Custom laser coding solutions

Laser marking isn’t one size fits all. There’s a lot to consider. Would an excimer, pulsed fiber, or CO2 laser work better? Does it work on your selected material? Do you want to change the colour or make an indent? Do you need a free-standing machine or something custom-fitted to your production line? Raymax has been supplying laser coding and marking solutions since 1992. We can help you find the best solution for your requirements.

Get a solution that works

Laser marking services and machines have become commodity products. There are plenty of laser suppliers selling cheap versions. While this makes this kind of technology more accessible, it comes with a word of caution. Without understanding the laser physics and material interaction at play, you won’t know for sure it’ll work. Or work reliably. Are you willing to risk your production line? With Raymax Lasers, you not only get access to almost 30 years of experience. We also offer laser evaluation and process development services to ensure the best-fit solution for your requirements.

Raymax has supplied us with several laser coding systems. The most recent set, run on our fastest lines and indication of their reliability.

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Write 1000 codes per second

The range of lasers and technical capability Raymax Lasers offers is unmatched. We can set you up with standard lasers that go faster than their off-the-shelf competitors. Or you can opt for a customised machine that will go faster again. In fact, it’s possible with our laser marking services to achieve an astonishing 1000 permanent and reliable codes every second. Get in touch to find out how we make this possible.

Beyond standard laser marking

A wide range of other lasers and technologies (beyond CO2 vs fiber) can be used for specialist applications. If you have discreet applications others haven’t managed to achieve, talk to Raymax Lasers. We have a strong track record for being the first to make things possible for our customers. We happily sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure the utmost discretion.

Material interaction experts

If you’re wondering about the benefits of excimer vs CO2 vs fiber lasers for product marking, contact us. As material interaction experts, we’ll look at the outcome you’re trying to achieve before recommending a solution. Many laser suppliers simply sell. We understand the tools and can help you find the right laser for your application. This could save you potentially thousands in sunk costs on a laser coding system that doesn’t do the job. Don’t risk it.

Why Raymax?

We make laser light work for you. We’ve spent over 30 years demonstrating what’s possible with lasers. In doing so, we’ve helped modernise Australian and New Zealand industries. You’ll be working with a team of physicists and factory-trained engineers—leaders in the supply of laser solutions and photonics equipment. We’re experts in material interaction research. Wherever possible, you’ll be introduced to new technology that can improve operation in ways you might not have imagined possible.

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