September 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 September 2023

Our recent visitor from Norway

Dr Friederike Körting, Spectral Geologist, Hypserspectral Imaging Specialist, provided these insights into hyperspectral imaging in mining following a field day in Queensland:

NEO’s HySpex hyperspectral cameras are advancing the use of spectral imaging in the mining sector. HySpex cameras are already used by various service providers in the mining sector and provide data of the highest quality for mineral identification. One example is in exploration where hyperspectral cameras are used to scan, interpret and archive kilometers of drill core. Broken down into hundreds of different wavelengths, the unique spectral signatures for each mineral is recognized, enabling geologists to identify rock types and changes in mineralogy with depth in a drill core. This process is so valuable to geologists that CSIRO has developed a ‘spectral library’ or database of hundreds of samples to help with the fast identification of mineral types.

If you would like to read more on this story you will find it in the next issue of Industry Update magazine. Otherwise, contact Dr Cédric Chaminade from Raymax to find out how you can use hyperspectral imaging for your task.

Civan Lasers Introduces a 500W Single Mode Continuous Wave Green Laser

Civan Lasers, a leading laser manufacturer based on Coherent Beam Combining (CBC), has announced the successful development of a 500W Single Mode Continuous Wave 532nm laser, marking a world record for such a laser type.

The high-power Single Mode Continuous Wave (SM CW) green laser shows great promise in a range of material processing applications. These include welding highly reflective materials such as copper, welding in the semiconductor domain—particularly chip-to-wafer welding, which could serve as an alternative to traditional wire bonding processes—and Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) of copper.

What’s On

We will be exhibiting at IAFS: The 23rd Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences 20th to 24th November 2023 at International Convention Centre, Sydney.

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