October 2022

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 October 2022

What’s New?

Green lasers from FOBA V.0071-gr (532 mn wavelength)

The new FOBA Green laser marker offers marking systems with low heat impact. The new vanadate laser sources are available with 7- or 14-watt laser power. Providing outstanding speed and accuracy, they mark substrates that do not show satisfactory marking results using other wavelengths.

FOBA V.0071 gr

Where Have We Been?

Western Australia

Cédric Chaminade and John Grace flew to Perth to talk to attendees at the WA Mining Exhibition and Conference on 12-13 October in the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre. Amongst other samples to show, the large, heavy sample from Bionic Productions went along too! The WAAM part was built in the Mobile Smart Factory – an ideal product to provide 3D printed parts on location as the whole system is contained in two shipping containers!


Cédric drove to the ACT to attend the Annual ANFF conference: an annual gathering of the ANFF community incorporating a Staff Retreat, Research Showcase and Gala Dinner, and the first time this community came together in 3 years! The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) provides researchers and industry with micro and nanofabrication equipment and expertise, nurturing national advancement in critical fabrication technologies. The innovative, open access infrastructure of ANFF is essential to keep Australia at the forefront of global research and to foster pioneering solutions to real world problems.

CC ANFF Newsletter small

Germany and France

Carson Crosse spent several weeks in Europe training and getting to know some of our suppliers. He was fortunate to go to the beautiful new workplace of LASEA in France, situated in a green area. Carson also visited Laserline, ATL and Optec enhancing his engineering skills to service our multitude of lasers installed across Australia and New Zealand.

What’s Topical?

What is topical in the World of Lasers? Thales introduced the THEIA as a highly suitable laser for shock peening – so you can put away that old hammer and get reliable consistency with a THEIA laser system. THEIA is a diode-pumped Nd: YAG Laser offering the most energetic laser in its repetition rate range delivering nanosecond pulses at different wavelengths in the near infrared (1064 nm), in the visible (532 nm) and in the near ultraviolet (355 nm).


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