November 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 November 2023

A review of IAFS

The 2023 conference was held at the ICC in Sydney this week by International Association of Forensic Science (IAFS). With dozens of presenters from around the world and thousands in attendance, the conference demonstrated the importance and significance of forensic analysis. Discussing best practice, the expansion of forensic education and sharing data and information was the purpose behind the current IAFS conference in Sydney.

Raymax exhibited at a booth promoting the Applied Spectra J200 LIBS system. The J200 LIBS instrument is Applied Spectra’s flagship system. It is designed specifically to handle the most demanding trace element analyses — those requiring high sensitivity and accuracy. With a single-digit ppm level detection limit for many elements in the periodic table, the J200 LIBS is an ideal instrument for challenging quantitative elemental analysis with many sample matrices.

The IAFS conference reviewed contemporary practices and considered strategies to improve operational contributions and effectiveness in the light of both current and future challenges. The subject areas included medical, scientific, legal and policing communities. With a focus on emerging disciplines and sharing of data and information, presenters ranged from police, academics, researchers and scientists in forensic laboratories. A wide range of topics was covered along with ways to expand education and research in the forensic sciences.

Several Raymax clients using Applied Spectra systems presented their work during this four-day intensive conference!

Chris Lay from Raymax is your go-to person to discuss forensic analysis using an ASI J200 system. Contact Chris on +61 456 653 111 or leave a message using the form below this articule.

Physicists who built ultrafast ‘attosecond’ lasers win the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics

Congratulations to Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L’Huillier, the three Nobel Laureates in Physics recognized for experimental methods that generate attosecond pulses of light for the study of electron dynamics in matter.

Amplitude and Fastlite (a recent acquisition) provided some of the stepping-stones that contributed to the experiments, which is a major source of satisfaction. Amplitude takes immense pride in the fact that some of our colleagues were lucky enough to work closely with two of the laureates before joining Amplitude, namely Pierre-Mary Paul, Director of Science Grands Projects, and Yoann Zaouter, Segment Line Manager Science & Industrial Ytterbium Laser Solutions.

I’m delighted and very grateful to have taken part in such a scientific and human adventure. I have modestly contributed to this work as part of my PhD thesis under the supervision of Pierre Agostini and am extremely grateful for his mentorship. At that time, the very first measurement of a 250-attosecond pulse train was carried out using the RABBIT method. I am extremely happy these three Physicists have been recognized for their extraordinary careers” explains Pierre-Mary Paul, Amplitude Director of Science Grands Projects.

Our ultrafast lasers are installed in the largest international laboratories, and our team includes world-class scientific and technical experts who are part of the broader scientific community. I’m extremely proud that Amplitude is at the heart of the most advanced research and helps tackle the major challenges of our time” says Damien Buet, C.E.O. at Amplitude.

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