May 2024

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

24 May 2024

Laserline: Coating wind turbine bearings

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity in the industry. The diode laser-based coating process is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods!

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CLAMIR: Breaking Boundaries

New Infrared Technologies takes Australia by storm (once again)!

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NEO-Hyspex and CSIRO flying above crops

The CSIRO Agriculture and Food business unit has recently made a significant investment in acquiring a Hyspex hyperspectral imaging system mounted on a UAV.

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Adelaide Grinding adopts Laserline Cladding

Adelaide Grinding has achieved remarkable success by incorporating Laserline’s laser cladding system into their refurbishment processes for hydraulic cylinders, consistently achieving hardness levels exceeding 60HRC in their finished products.

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