May 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 May 2023

Introducing COAXWORKS – welding heads now available from Raymax!

3D metal printing

Layer-by-layer 3D metal printing is a process variant of additive manufacturing and 3D printing using lasers as the energy source and metallic wires as the filler material. With the Coaxworks wireM laser welding head, welding wires can be used for manufacturing strategies of massive volumes and thin-walled structures.

Wire-based 3D metal printing offers the following potentials compared to previous manufacturing methods:

  • Near-net-shape parts with the saving of subtractive work when milling from the solid
  • Near-demand production of small series and prototypes
  • Energy-saving component production compared to casting or forming

Kloé UV-LED maskers and mask aligners

The UV-KUB range offers:

  • Ease of use, totally controlled by a touch-screen
  • Long life-time from the source to the UV LED at 365nm
  • The cold monochromatic UV source prevents negative thermal effects
  • Can be used outside the cleanroom, thanks to its completely closed and compact configuration
  • Adjustable power emission
  • Choice of continuous isolation or by a series of pulse where the duration and the power can be adjusted
  • No need of maintenance

UV-KUB 3 is available in 4 or 6 inch versions:

  • UV-LED light source in place of old Hg lamps
  • CCD cameras in place of binoculars
  • an easy-to-use joypad, user-friendly for the realization of the alignment
  • an on-board PC offering the possibility for image capturing, metrology and above all the recording of the alignment masks coordinates to enable automatic pre-alignment of the two visualising cameras.


The world’s leading manufacturer of Transversely Excited Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (TEA CO2) lasers

High power lasers for 24/7 materials processing and drilling of non-metallic materials. The LightMachinery Impact Series of pulsed lasers are optimized for precision processing and drilling of non-metallic materials. The material interaction of the short, high power pulses from TEA CO2 lasers is quite different from that of long pulse and continuous CO2 lasers. High definition processing with excellent edge quality can be obtained. Plastic materials can be selectively removed from a metal backing, leaving the metal layer untouched.


Medical device manufacturing – a growth industry in Australia supported by laser technology. Satisfy the ‘world’s strictest quality assurance procedures’ using an Optec micro-machining laser for applications such as: Laser wire stripping: Laser wire stripping selectively removes the insulating jacket without damaging the wire(s) within and without hazardous waste. Attributes of the laser including wavelength, energy density and beam shaping make it possible to ablate polymers and not metal for precision material removal without leaving a residue.

Laser micro drilling and cutting: Specializes in A-thermal processing down to a couple of micro-meters on a wide range of materials including metals, polymers, glass, and ceramics. Optec utilize proprietary technologies that yield holes and cuts with straight sides or with controlled taper characterized by their smooth walls, burr free edges and little to no HAZ or debris.

Laser structuring: This technique can be used to produce complex and unique motifs that exhibit desired characteristics such as hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties or increase surface area that boosts lithium battery storage capacity.

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