March 2024

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

15 March 2024


As the battery industry continues to evolve and expand, the demand for batteries capable of handling higher power inputs has surged. This is particularly evident in sectors such as E-planes, E- boats and renewable energy storage. A critical component in achieving these high-power requirements is the use of bus bars, which are essentially conductive bars used to distribute power across different sections of a battery or between batteries.

See more details here: Welding Thick Copper Bus Bars for High Current Applications (

Prediktera – Complete software tool for Hyperspectral imaging releases new versions of ‘Breeze and Breeze Geo’

We’re excited to share our latest updates of Breeze and Breeze Geo. These are our biggest releases yet in terms of the number of new features aimed at improving your data analysis. Functions have been added for enhanced image segmentation and visualization, improved user interface and interaction and more data analysis and statistical tools.

See more details here:

Holo/Or- Eliminate uncertainty for laser-based quantum technologies

Laser based Quantum technologies are emerging as a field where major investments have been made and continue to be made, with a strong growth in companies developing Quantum communications, computing and other technologies. These technologies face many challenges in commercialization, with one of the major challenges the scaling of quantum systems to useful scales. Diffractive optical elements are a key technology in the scale up optics-based quantum computing and communications systems. Applications include generating arrays of optical traps using our multispot beam splitter elements, use of top hat illumination to generate 2D light traps, and mode conversion of lasers using spiral phase plates to transmit quantum information.

Why FOBA TITUS™ makes a big difference for your production!

Size matters, especially in modern production environments where space is limited. If you are looking for a laser marking solution that is not only small but also easy to integrate but versatile at the same time, we got you covered! Get to know the smallest laser marking head on the market, the FOBA TITUS™!


Raymax recently attended several events including:

AMAS 2024 – Brisbane

Not only did Raymax sponsor the Laser Ablation workshop, it was a great opportunity to connect with a global team of scientists who use our equipment. Topics varied widely from analysing moon core samples from the Apollo 13 to retrieving and analysing material from the Bennu asteroid!

AMTIL Melbourne Golf Day

Held at the amazing Riversdale golf course with a fantastic group of people.

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