March 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 March 2023

Raymax Applications will be at AMW 2023 - Stand MS260

Admission at Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) is free! It will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 9 to 12 May 2023. The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited’s (AMTIL) aim is for AMW to be more than just an exhibition! It will instead act as the centrepiece of a week-long celebration of manufacturing in Australia today.

Visit Raymax on Stand MS260 and speak with our engineers and physicists. Come and leverage our expertise and let us help you explore new opportunities in laser technology. Register today for this national event.

AMW 2023 banner

Welcome to Chris Lay

Raymax would like to welcome our new engineer, Chris Lay who will be in the Melbourne office, close to our Victorian clients! Chris is specialising in Applied Spectra laser systems. If you’d like to contact Chris call Raymax or email

Civan Lasers: Providing High Power Single Mode CW Dynamic Beam Lasers - the most advanced lasers for welding available!

This Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL) allows manufacturers to quickly tailor the welding process to the application. With the ability to control beam shape, beam sequence, shape frequency, and focal depth at MHz speeds without any moving parts. The technology eliminates unwanted joining defects such as pores, cracks, and humping. Civan’s lasers not only improve joint quality but also offer increased power, increased feed rates, and more efficient production of new, complex, products made of dissimilar materials.

To resolving defects in Aauminium (AI) die casts, CIVAN’s dynamic beam capability provides supreme control over the thermal gradient, melt pool flow dynamics, and solidification - effectively solving the issue of porosity caused by entrapped hydrogen and achieving high-quality weld. If you’d like to know more just call us on 02 9979 7646.

Cailabs and Laserline

Recently, Cailabs, a French deep-tech company with beam shaping expertise launched a new version of its CANUNDA-HP laser head for high-power surface treatment. The laser head has a very specific function, to produce a rectangular shaped beam - in a top-hat configuration, with homogeneous light intensity and very sharp edges. The laser head weighs just 1kg, has a sharp and homogenous intensity profile, an extended depth of field of 100mm, with a stable operation of 6kw. The beam shape ensures strong adhesion and cohesion between layers of the thermoplastic resin as it is layered. The CANUNDA-HP laser head design is compact and lightweight, suitable for use with robots, can be effectively installed on a Laserline LDM-600 system, has temperature sensors and is ready to use with no optical adjustment.

LumIR Lasers

Experience disruptive solutions for biomedical, manufacturing and R&D applications with a mid-infrared fiber laser from LumIR

Example: Medical applications

The laser used in this study was a mid‐infrared, Er:glass, 2,910 nm fiber laser

In this study on improving cutaneous photoaging, we investigated the clinical and histologic effects of a new 2,910 nm erbium:glass (Er:glass) fiber laser delivering fractionated arrays of microbeams to create microscopic thermal treatment zones within the stratum corneum and epidermis using the superficial setting. Laser energy is delivered through a laser fiber, and not an articulated arm, to a reusable aluminium handpiece. Due to the wavelength, beam profile, fiber laser platform, and small treatment beam diameter, the new 2,910 nm fiber laser delivers clinical results with minimal pain and downtime, fast treatment times, and the versatility of functioning in superficial mode, deep mode, or a combined mode.

This application for a LumIR laser is important given the high level of accelerated signs of aging amongst the Australian population.

Ref: ‘Low‐fluence treatment with a novel fractionated 2,910‐nm fiber laser improves photodamage’ in Lasers Surg Med. 2023;55:35–45

Authors: Eric F. Bernstein MD | James F. Sanzo PhD | Jennifer Y. Wang BA| Samuel M. Cotsarelis | Mario DiLeonardo MD

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