June 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 June 2023

Laser World of Photonics in Munich

Your visit, your benefit—good reasons to attend

Laser World of Photonics is the leading trade fair for LASER & Photonics. It will take place in Munich from June 27-30, 2023 and attracts over trade visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Here you can learn about the latest trends and innovations in photonics technology, attend workshops and technical presentations, and interact with industry professionals.

The MD of Raymax Applications Pty Ltd, John Grace, is attending this event.


Laser World of Photonics – CIVAN Lasers, distributed by Raymax, has won the 2023 INNOVATION PRIZE for their Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL). At 100kW with DBL, Civan claims it is the most powerful single-mode laser developed to date offering a more efficient and cost-effective approach to welding!

FOBA has introduced a 532 nm wavelength green laser marking system!

The green laser offers new possibilities for direct part marking. A main benefit is the significant increase in both marking speed and marking quality. Compared to other laser types like UV or fibre, the green laser achieves better marking results at increased marking speeds. Previously difficult materials to mark can now be effectively marked due to the low heat of the green laser providing extraordinary absorption properties. Markable materials now including white, transparent, or red plastics as well as special plastics such as UHMWPE, HDPE or PMMA. Highly reflective metals, glass and shiny substrates are also effectively marked with green laser.

For years laser marking has been applied at the final stage of production. However, in today’s Industry 4.0 environment smart manufacturing processes are being implemented with digital technologies. Marking at the early stage means performance information can be obtained and continually tracked during the manufacturing progress. As the initial mark - or 2D code - can be scanned as it passes each stage of production. Data collection from scanning as the product progresses along the production line can be interpreted for use in quality control and improvement in manufacturing.

FOBA lasers have a long and successful history of quality marking on a range of products. You can read more at the FOBA product website.


The blue diode laser by Laserline GmbH, revolutionizes the processing of copper, gold, and other highly reflective metals. The direct generation of up to 4 kW continuous wave laser power in the 450 nm wavelength range avoids the need for complex and inefficient wavelength conversion devices. At the same time, the absorption and process efficiency, is increased by a factor of more than 10, compared to lasers in the 1-micron range. With advances in beam quality and smaller focus diameter extremely thin and highly filigreed copper contacts can be processed using this blue diode laser. The diode laser’s energy deposition can be precisely controlled, enabling copper to be melted without evaporation, leading to a stable melt pool. This opens up new application opportunities in build-up processes such as cladding and additive manufacturing.

The main benefits of LMD with blue diode lasers:

  • First, the nozzle with optics can be attached to a robot arm meaning working on any size item is possible!
  • Second, importantly is the ability to add a new feature to an already produced part be it a flat or curved surface to improve or add to functionality.
  • Third, using this blue diode laser an improved melt pool stability for copper (alloys) is achieved with powder efficiency of >80 % and deposition rate 5.4 times IR laser.
  • A fourth benefit is found where several materials can be combined. Components made of two different materials are no longer a challenge. The blue laser can process both materials with exceptional metallurgical bonding!

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