July 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 July 2023

CIVAN Lasers

Revisiting our Newsflash

At Laser World of Photonics: CIVAN Lasers, distributed by Raymax, won the 2023 INNOVATION PRIZE for their Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL). At 100kW with DBL, Civan claim it is the most powerful single-mode laser developed to date offering a more efficient and cost-effective approach to welding!

What comprises the laser system?

The Dynamic Beam Laser system comprises four main parts: the optical cabinet, optical head, power supplier cabinet, and chiller. The optical cabinet houses the laser sources, while the optical head is responsible for coherent beam combining and beam output. Between the two parts there is a fiber of up to 7 meters long. The power supplier cabinet contains the electrical components with a chiller incorporated to facilitate water cooling. These components work together to allow manufacturers to quickly tailor the welding process to the application. With the ability to control beam shape, beam sequence, shape frequency, and focal depth at MHz speeds without any moving parts.


Diffractive optics are the way to get best results in Pico second laser skin treatment!

In a new publication in Biomedical Optics Express, the authors from the Bioablation Lab at PNU Korea, found that diffractive optical elements (DOEs) give the best skin liaison uniformity in laser skin treatment for skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, and blemish treatment. When used to generate an array of spots on the skin for fraction treatment, the beam splitter and diffractive microlens array DOEs from Holo/Or gave better results compared to alternatives such as refractive microlens arrays. Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) have emerged as crucial components in shaping and manipulating laser light, driving these advancements.


Linx CSL30 – New product launch

An addition to the Linx laser marking head range and an optional Wi-Fi access is now available for Linx CSL30 Laser Coders. New telescopic marking head SHC-SF with integrated automated focus features an adjustable laser working distance without the need to physically move the marking unit. The new Wi-Fi Access Box to connect the CSL30 laser coder via Wi-Fi to an existing Wi-Fi network is now also available as an accessory, making marking an easier process!

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