June 2022

Press release and monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

July 2022


The PerfoTec Laser Perforation System extends the freshness of fresh produce by optimising the permeability of the packaging. Recent tests on spinach packed with a PerfoTec system showed freshness was retained for 21 days!

Linx Printing Technologies

Linx Laser has begun their Drive Efficiency campaign, showing the many ways Linx coding and marking solutions can help you create a more efficient production line. In addition to not requiring consumables, they offer high quality marks with vector-based fonts at speeds of up to 60,000 units per hour.

BOFA Fume Extraction Technology

BOFA offer high-quality filtration systems suitable for 3D printing systems and other advanced manufacturing technologies.

NOIR Safety Goggles

By choosing the correct Lasershield for your application, NoIR Safety Goggles provide high-quality protection for laser applications.

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