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Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 November 2023

Laserline GmbH in the rail industry

Laserline GmbH is supplying high power diode lasers in a new application - that of repairing rail networks. Look out for the article in the upcoming issue of Industry Update to see what a significant impact high power diode lasers have on improving repair of rail switches and avoiding derailment! The repair process being used is not just welding but is taken from laser additive deposition widely used in repair workshops across Australia on large metal structures such as oil rig drills. The additive process not only repairs the part, but the coating even extends the part life. The example in the Industry Update publication shows how Holland L.P. have combined an LDM 6000 with a robot arm on a mobile unit that runs along the rail tracks: a simple solution but very effective.

The article about Holland L.P referred to in here, may be found in the May 2023 publication of ‘Der Eisenbahningenieur’ and on the Laserline GmbH blog at

ATL Lasertechnik: the world’s first excimer lasers!

ATL Lasertechnik GmbH was established in 1993 and made a breakthrough in UV laser technology in 1994 by developing the world’s first compact, high repetition-rate, short-pulse excimer laser. Refining the concept today the ATLEX product range now leads the world with its patented preionization and discharge technique. ATL continues to develop compact short-pulse excimer lasers and remains the technology leader in this area.

A new generation of compact air-cooled, high repetition rate excimer lasers have been designed for low- and mid-range duty cycle applications. ATL excimer lasers are used for micro-drilling, Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), eye surgery, and medical imaging. ATL partners with Optec to offer UV micromachining systems, a process growing in demand!

THEIA – Diode-Pumped Nd: YAG Laser

THEIA is the most energetic laser in its repetition rate range delivering nanosecond pulses at different wavelengths in the near infrared (1064 nm), in the visible (532 nm) and in the near ultraviolet (355 nm). THEIA can provide significant improvements in the quality, performance, reliability and quality of machined part.

A diode-pumped solid-state laser for applications such as laser shock peening, laser adherence testing, laser annealing, laser liftoff, laser cleaning and pumping of TeraWatt TiSa amplifiers. Get high energy and high average power from the same laser beam for a performance suitable for most demanding industrial applications. Reliable with low operating and maintenance costs having long lasting pumping diodes.

Ask us what a Thales THEIA can do for you!

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