December 2022

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 December 2022

Season’s greetings from all at Raymax.

Raymax will be closed Friday, 23 December 2022 to Monday, 9 January 2023.

A HySpex camera for microsatellites

NEO is to launch a HySpex camera for use on microsatellites. The hyperspectral camera being tested by HySpex for microsatellites surpasses the common limitations inherent with the small satellite platform to allow fast and economical access to space so that a broader range of industries have access to remote sensing data. The company acknowledge that creating a high-performance hyperspectral camera for a small platform is challenging as achieving useful spatial resolution in combination with acceptable signal-to-noise-ration (SNR) is particularly difficult.

Current hyperspectral cameras operate a ground sampling distance (GSD) of less that 30 meters in the short-wave infrared - or SWIR range, of 1,000 to 2500 nm, with rarely less than 10 meters in the visible and near-infrared, VNIR, range of 400 to 1,000nm. To make sure the HySpex camera provides advantages over its competitors, NEO determined the ground sampling distance was especially important. A major goal of the company was to have high spatial resolution in their new satellite camera, but this caused conflicting design parameters in terms of a narrow swath. However, it is possible to compensate for this by using a ‘constellation’ of microsatellites launched at the same time. A method recently used in India where a constellation a satellites apparently hitched a ride on SpaceX’s Transporter-4.

“The HySpex stratospheric UAV payload was installed in the nose of the NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s ER-2 and ready for its first test flight to capture images from 20km altitude,” Trond Løke explains. “We were able to capture hyperspectral images from the stratosphere which we can show in a section of landform. Realising the capability of image capture was very rewarding and exciting,” There’ll be more information coming with more testing at NASA and a product ready to ship soon!

Perfotec - A focus on food waste:

As a “one stop shop” PerfoTec, ensures less waste with its innovative technology and an extended freshness of vegetables, fruit and flowers. The technology not only reduces costs, but also contributes to a better world by reducing CO2 emissions. Our goals align with the global climate change mitigation goals.

Reduction of food waste is possible when the quality and freshness of fresh produce can be extended. Extension of freshness during transport from grower to consumer is possible when the fresh produce is packed with Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

By controlling the Modified Atmosphere Packaging, we control the freshness of your greens, flowers, and fruit. This will extend the freshness and thereby reduce the waste.

Laserline – flip chip technology

Alternatives to reflow soldering

People are primarily familiar with high-power diode lasers as tools for industrial metalworking. Now, however, solutions for the electronics industry are also increasingly being discussed. In addition to joining and cladding copper components, for which Laserline developed the world’s first blue diode laser with CW laser power in the kilowatt range, semiconductor production is also becoming increasingly important. The background to all this is revealed in an interview with Markus Rütering, (former) Sales Director at Laserline. More information is available here.

Where are we?

John and Celia are currently in South Australia at the Australian Institute of Physics Congress 2022.

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