April 2024

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

23 April 2024

New addition to the Raymax family: OEWaves

Raymax are proud to announce the agreement between OEWaves and Raymax to be the Australia and New Zealand distributor. This expands our offering to include low-noise laser options. Visit OEWaves for more information

Instant asbestos detection using Hyperspectral imaging camera

Asbestos has been found in children’s playgrounds in Melbourne and Sydney lately. Here we safely detect asbestos and distinguish it from other materials. Visit Hyspex for more information

Why use blue lasers for welding/cladding?

The superior absorption of blue light in copper-based materials equates to improved precision and control throughout the process. Read more on LinkedIn

Allow fresh food to breathe at its own rate…

Fresh foods breathe at different rates and we offer technology that allows them to breathe to last longer when packaged. Read more on LinkedIn

Laser Ablation is no longer sample-size limited at the Louvre Museum analytical lab!

A recent install by Applied Spectra doesn’t need a sample cell for LA-ICP-MS analysis. Read more at the Centre for Research and Restoration of Museums of France

What’s in my inbox…

Here is an interesting use of additive manufacturing for hypersonic-speed engines… Ursa Major’s additively manufactured Hadley engine reaches hypersonic speeds in first flight (

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