April 2023

Monthly roundup from Raymax Lasers

1 April 2023

Australian Manufacturing Week

AMW 2023 banner

Join us at AMW in Melbourne; Raymax Applications will be on Stand MS260.

Come and see how a Laserline cladding head works. Inspect our HySpex camera mounted on a drone and get advice on the best laser solution for your purposes!

Products we will be discussing at AMW include:

Laserline lasers provide a range of solutions. Add one of these to your Laserline laser!

A CLAMIR high-speed infrared camera that monitors the geometry and calculates the width of the melt pool. This information is used to control the laser power during your laser metal and cladding processes.

NEW! Check out a new laser welding head by Coaxworks for laser wire deposition with layer-by-layer 3D metal printing to form near net shape items. Protect components against mechanical, thermal or chemical wear with laser wire cladding and wire overlay welding.

Cailabs provide a new version of its CANUNDA-HP laser head for high-power surface treatment producing a rectangular shaped beam - in a top-hat configuration, with homogeneous light intensity and very sharp edges. The beam shape ensures strong adhesion and cohesion between layers of the thermoplastic resin as it is layered. It is suitable for use with robots and can be effectively installed on a Laserline LDM-600.

Applied Spectra laser systems streamline the analysis of your solid samples, breaking the micron sized sample area into the elements of the period table that you need to know about, so come and talk to our experts about how this can help your industrial, scientific, or quality control processes.

With CIVAN, achieve the perfect weld. Create strong welds of crack-sensitive materials. Reduce pores and spatter. Stabilize keyholes even at high speed. Make the most efficient welding of asymmetric materials. To see the latest with aluminium welding, visit

Norsk Elektro Optikk is planning to launch a HySpex camera for microsatellites that surpasses the common limitations introduced by small satellite platforms and, in some respects, provides hyperspectral data that are better than what is currently available for free from larger instruments.

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