Laser Cladding Applications

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective resurfacing

Commercial challenge

Large bearings, rollers, and other wear components present a significant challenge to the mining and energy industry. They’re expensive to purchase and dispose of when worn. And it can be challenging to find replacements.

Laser cladding is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to resurface worn components used in the mining and energy sectors. Raymax started working over 20 years ago with Laserline, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power diode lasers for industrial applications.

The team at Raymax have offered us exceptional service and technical back up. We couldn’t ask for better support from a supplier.

Ben Sonsee General Manager- CGC Engineering


The high-power diode laser has revolutionised cladding repair. It offers high electrical efficiency and strong absorption by the clad powder and the base material. It’s often 10x more efficient than previous technologies. Powers above 35kW are now commercially reliable and available and can deposit tens of kilograms of powder per hour, resulting in reduced cost to refurbish the part.

Additionally, the cost per watt of diode laser power has reduced significantly over the past two decades, further increasing the desirability of this technology. Using a laser system to recoat the worn surfaces with a hard layer renews the component. It’s a cost-effective, local refurbishment capability that also minimises waste.


Raymax has customers in virtually all states using our laser diode and associated cladding technology to perform most reparation work in Australia.

Our customer base ranges from new start-up organisations to established companies that have transferred from the older technologies to laser diodes. We also count universities and government agencies amongst our customers and look forward to supplying them with even higher power and different wavelength solutions in the future.

Why Raymax

We make laser light work for you. We’ve spent over 30 years demonstrating what’s possible with lasers. In doing so, we’ve helped modernise Australian and New Zealand industries. You’ll be working with a team of physicists and factory-trained engineers—leaders in the supply of laser solutions and photonics equipment. We’re experts in material interaction research. Wherever possible, you’ll be introduced to new technology that can improve operation in ways you might not have imagined possible.

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