Raymax Lasers


VEGA - Laser Power Meter and Laser Energy Meter

Color Screen Laser Power/Energy Meter

  • Compatible with all Ophir thermal,pyroelectric and photodiode sensors
  • Brilliant color large size TFT 320x240 display
  • Compact handheld design with rubberized bumpers and optimized 2 position kickstand
  • Choice of digital or analog needle display
  • Illuminated keys for working in the dark
  • Analog output
  • Log every point at up to 4000Hz with pyro sensors
  • Non volatile data storage up to 250,000 points
  • Laser tuning screen and power and energy log
  • USB and RS232 interfaces with StarLab and StarCom PC applications, LabView driver and ActiveX control
  • NIST traceable and CE marked
  • Soft keys and menu driven functions with on the line help
  • Many software features such as density, min/max, scaling etc.
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