Raymax Lasers


Special Systems

special systems
In addition to Ophir's line of smart head power and energy meters, Ophir has some special purpose instruments. In some cases these are not compatible with Ophir smart displays and have their own displays.

PD200 Low Cost Power Photodiode Power Meter:
400 - 1100nm, up to 200mW.
A simple power meter calibrated for one or two wavelengths. Good for HeNe, low power diode etc. Has its own head and display.

BC20 Power Meter for Scanned Beams:
For measuring scanned beams "on the fly". Bar code scanners, laser printers, etc. The BC20 smart head is compatible with Nova and Orion TH displays.

FPS-10 Fast Photodetector
Measure the temporal pulse shape of short or long pulsed lasers on your scope. Response time - 1ns.

OEM heads: Ophir is the worlds largest supplier of OEM laser power/energy measuring equipment. Standard and custom designs.

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