Raymax Lasers


BA500 Industrial Laser Beam Analyzer


Monitors all important beam parameters to keep tight control over process
Monitors Beam Profile, Temporal Pulse Shape, Power, Energy and Frequency

  • Powers up to 1000W, energies up to 100J and beam diameters up to 30mm
  • Portable - can be moved from laser to laser to monitor all lasers in plant
  • Economy BA500-P available for CW lasers -measures beam profile and power only.

The BA500 is a comprehensive laser beam analysis system for pulsed industrial Nd:YAG and Diode lasers for monitoring all important laser beam parameters so as to obtain reproducible laser cutting/welding process results.
The BA500 measures average power, energy per pulse, spatial beam profile and temporal beam profile. All these quantities can be recorded in digital form for storage and analysis.
The BA500 is a self contained system which is tailored for industrial Nd:YAG or Diode systems. There is no need for the user to add any beam modifying beam splitters, attenuators or other components of his own. The low profile system easily fits into typical installations and is designed for vertical laser beams. The user only has to remove the focusing lens, place the BA500 under the parallel beam and it is ready to measure.
On site training is available to get the maximum use from the diagnostic capability of the BA500.
For those users needing to measure beam profile and power only such as for CW lasers, model BA500-P is available.

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