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Micro Fabrication Module

A Breakthrough for 3D polymer, protein, metal or other biomaterials microstructures realization

TEEM PHOTONICS, world leader in passively Q-switched microchip lasers with a large offer of powerful lasers allowing various applications in biology and medicine , introduces its new 3D Micro Fabrication Module, allowing the realization of micro objects for various applications, as :
A flexible approach, suitable for numerous applications...

* Cellular Biology,
* Biotechnology,
* Microfluids,
* Microoptics,
* Microbiology,
* Microelectronics,
* Micromechanics,
* Micro chemistry,
* etc...

The module consists of a novel laser accessory for microscopes which enables the fabrication of 3D polymer, protein, metal or other biomaterials microstructures. These microscopic structures are realized as a result of a high definition photochemical process initiated at the focal point of a laser. The surface of these structures is automatically generated by the laser which is driven by 3D scan files, or CAD files (SoliWorks,AutoCad).

Scientific Publications available hereThis achievement is made possible with the use of our unique and patented technology of picosecond compact lasers, which enables a process with a higher chemical efficiency than femtosecond lasers while representing a cost effective solution.

This unique laser equipment is combined with advanced software developed by a renowned research group and benefits from years of development.

Product Benefits:

* Higher chemical efficiency than femtosecond lasers
* Cost effective
* High definition 3D fabrication device (<200 nm)
* Unique advanced software
* High levels of flexibility in nano/micro fabrication
* Compact, Easy to use and Versatile
* Suitable for use in all laboratory environments

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