Raymax Lasers


New Linx Xymark 500SL Installation

Raymax has installed a 50W CO2 laser on a high-speed Krones labeler in NSW. Its major applications are marking QA production numbers and other valuable data on labels.

The 500SL is a pulsed scribing laser which offers:

- Sealed IP65 protection that allows laser coders to work in the most challenging wet and dusty vineyard environments.

- A special laser tube providing 100W peak power and longer life. This tube generates high the power density needed to mark bottles on a high-speed bottling line with permanent quality marking, even on a hard glass substrate.

- A high efficiency cooling system with large fan and integrated water cooling unit, which allows the laser to run 24/7 in high ambient summer temperatures without a noticeable output energy drop.

Substrate: Coated paper label

Why choose Linx Xymark lasers?
- Approved 15-year history of reliability
- Low maintenance and no consumables cost
- Permanent quality marking for higher marketing position
- Experienced service available from Raymax Lasers®