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Latest Laser Products from Linx - SL101 and SL301 Laser Coders

Linx Laser Coders


The launch of the new Scribing Laser Range from Linx Printing Technologies is set to provide a wide variety of industries with laser coding that offers superior results and simplicity in installation, use and ownership. Comprising the Linx SL101 and SL301 scribing lasers, offering respectively 10W and 30W power options, the range allows customers to choose the system that best suits their own production line requirements.

Installation is where the new Linx SL Laser Range’s flexibility and ease of use really adds value, as the models are built to fit the production line. Their range of lenses and beam delivery options mean they can be manoeuvred into tight, hard to reach spaces. And Linx’s simple plug and play philosophy makes installation into existing set-ups easy.

Operation is equally clear, thanks to an intuitive interface, in the form of a Hand-Held Control Unit, which allows users to create, change and set up codes at the touch of a button. In addition, the LinxDraw PC software enables more complex code creation, including graphics and 2D codes.

New features include greater marking versatility thanks to the use of a variety of beam delivery options for different spot sizes, product to lens distances and mark fields. Flexible standard components, side and end shooter options, and a small footprint ensure ease of integration into existing operations, even on production lines where space is at a premium. The robust stainless steel housing is sealed with standard IP54 rating, or an optional IP65 for wet environments, ensuring excellent reliability in harsh conditions, for maximum uptime.

As David Martin, Laser Product Manager at Linx, explains, the range is also designed for simplicity in ownership. “The Linx SL Laser Range offers excellent value through increased uptime, low maintenance and no consumable costs.”
He adds that, “These lasers practically take care of themselves. No shutdown or startup routines are required; we use large volume gas tubes for longer tube life and lasers operate 24/7 with little manual intervention. The Linx SL 101 and SL 301 will be a welcome addition to a wide variety of production environments.”

Linx also promises superior speed, coding quality and reliability from the SL Laser Range. State-of-the-art digital signal processing ensures that the speed of the mirrors steering the beam is optimised, providing superb print quality even at high line speeds of up to 300m/min. Excellent coding quality is assured because the vector fonts used for code creation are optimised for speed and accuracy resulting in high quality permanent, smudge proof codes. Multiple language options are available, whilst complex messages are easily created as there are virtually no font or graphic restrictions .

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