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Xymark Dot Matrix Coders

Raymax Lasers - Linx Xymark - Laser Coder

Xymark dot matrix laser coders are based on single long-life laser tube technology for clear, reliable coding of text, date and batch numbers and graphics. Models are:

  • Xymark 5 - Single line coding of messages up to 4mm in height. The Xymark 5 can code more difficult substrates such as rubber and glass.

  • Xymark 10/10S - High performance printing of up to 5 lines of print and/or graphics. The Xymark 10S model offers a higher speed coding solution.

  • Xymark 5H/BBH - 'Hot glass' coding systems designed for single line coding onto glass surfaces at 600°C.

  • Xymark BB2 - High-speed laser system for label coding. Designed for high speed/high volume label coding applications, specifically in the brewing and beverage industry.
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