Raymax Lasers


CW Lasers

A range of laser systems generating a CW (Continuous Wave) laser source for reseach applications. These include diode pumps, diode laser components and Nd:YAG sources.

  • Homogeneous CW diode pumped chamber FLINT CW series are the pumping heads that equip our successful JADE 2 laser. A patented design ensures homogenous illumination of the rod. The result is...
  • Quantel Laser Diodes produces a broad range of power laser diode products in the 795nm to 980nm wavelength for solid state laser pumping and direct use of high power. Standard products, single diode...
  • Lasers for OEM applications. Spectron SL Series A comprehensive range of CW Q-switched diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers for precision material processing applications. Go here for more information