Raymax Lasers



Raymax Lasers - Optec - Promaster

The ultimate in compact laser micromachining systems - looks small but acts big!

Cover - Safety Cover

Interlocked safety cover provides protection from direct and reflected laser light.

Image - TTL Viewing

Embedded through-the-lens (TTL) image of the process area. Select areas of interest, optimise contrast, zoom, measure using video cursor and print.

Software - ProcessPower Software

ProcessPower for PM control software provides synchronised control over part motion, process motif and laser function, including handy sub-routines and import of industry standard files.

Vision - Part Lighting and Viewing

Through-the-lens (TTL) vision system with integrated and adjustable coaxial part illumination.

Laser - ATLEX 300i short Pulse excimer

The ProMaster is a perfectly matched add-on unit to the ATLEX 300i short pulse excimer laser, with the highest beam brightness of its class, superb beam quality and long gas lifetime.

Mask - Mask Options

PC driven mask selector with 32 motifs on an interchangeable plate. Optional RVA aperture allows an unlimited number of user-defined 'virtual motifs' to be created and stored in PC memory for subsequent recall.

Energy - Energy Controller

Select the appropriate processing conditions for polymer ablation, metal stripping, direct writing, etc., from 0.5-5 J/cm



Stability - Natural Granite Base

The natural granite base offers superb stability for precision micromachining.

Motion - Part motion assembly

Part motion over 100 x 100 mm with 1


resolution and digital position readout. ProcessPower for PM software allows all types of movement synchronised to laser firing.

Focus - Precision Focus

Smooth manual focus control over 0-10 mm with WYSIWYG feature. Ensures that when the CCTV is in focus the UV projection is also automatically in focus.

Lens - UV Projection Lens

Three-element confocal UV projection lens with 1.5


resolution, specially designed for UV mask projection applications.

Theta - Rotation Stage

Manual rotation stage with full 360


travel, adds alignment of parts to the X,Y axes.

Part - Vacuum Chuck

Standard part holder is an 80 mm vacuum chuck for secure holding of all flat parts.

Shield - Coaxial Gas Nozzle

A coaxial gas nozzle provides He shield gas for debris-free processing of polymers, and efficient removal of ablation products.

UV Micromachining Applications

  • Selective polymer removal
  • Micro-hole drilling
  • Thin metal film patterning
  • Micro-milling
  • Micro-etching
  • 3D structure generation
  • OLEDs
  • Microfluidics
  • Sensors
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