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Optec MicroMaster

Raymax Lasers - Optec - Micromaster

High performance, multi-featured excimer laser workstation - the complete, big system in a compact, ergonomic package

Mask - Mask options

The MicroMaster LightDeck accepts different Mask Types, including motorized selectors, dynamic masks, and, using ProcessPower, the concept of virtual masks - defined by the user and practically unlimited in number.

BDU - LightDeck optomechanical beam delivery

Optec LightDeck is a sophisticated and complete optomechanical unit designed for mask projection. LightDeck as used in MicroMaster features continuously variable motorized control of demag. and focus - the only system to offer such flexibility

Lens - UV micromachining lenses

Three-element confocal UV projection lens with 1.5 µm resolution, specially designed for UV mask projection applications.

Software - ProcessPower software

ProcessPower software provides synchronised control over part motion, process motif and laser function, including handy sub-routines and import of industry standard files.

Motion - Part motion assembly

X,Y part motion over 200 x 200 mm range with 1 µm resolution. Motion stages and LightDeck are mounted together on Hi-Stab synthetic granite frame set into the MicroMaster work surface. Additional Theta & Phi stages are available on option.

Laser - ATLEX 300i short pulse excimer

The MicroMaster machine base houses the UV laser source, an ATLEX 300i short pulse excimer with the highest beam brightness of its class, superb beam quality, and long gas lifetime.

Vision - Dual-camera WYSIWYG vision system

LightDeck/MicroMaster has two independent vision systems, an off-axis camera for general overview, and a high magnification TTL image with WYSIWYG. When the part is in focus on the CCTV, the UV is automatically in focus on the part - What You See Is What You Get. The MicroMaster has four independent light sources, including highlighter, for optimum contrast on all kinds of parts.

UV Micromachining Applications

  • Selective polymer removal
  • Micro-hole drilling
  • Thin metal film patterning
  • Micro-milling
  • Micro-etching
  • 3D structure generation
  • OLEDs
  • Microfluidics
  • Sensors
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Integrated excimer beam-to-part delivery system, fully computer-controlled by ProcessPower Software System
Sample manipulation
X, Y positioning  
Range 200 x 200 mm
Resolution 1 µm
Repeatability +/- 1 µm
Maximum speed 40 mm/s
Rotational positioning
Range 0 - 360°
Resolution 0.01°
Speed 30°/s
Optical properties
Wavelength handling* 193 and 248 nm
Z positioning (projection lens)
Range 25 mm
Resolution 2.5 µm
Repeatability < 1.5 µm
Lens Type Fused UV quartz lens, confocal for excimer and visible wavelength
Demagnification 4 - 11.5
Numerical Aperture** 0.105
Resolution** 1.5 µm
Attenuator range 5 - 95 %
Energy density at part surface 0.25 - 5 J/cm2 or 25 J/cm2
Monitoring On-axis b/w camera, magnification 150 - 500x for beam focussing and aligning
Off-axis b/w camera, magnification 40x
*Micromaster can handle 9.3µm as well.
**At optimal demagnification (10)