Raymax Lasers


Raymax Applications is a leading optical technologies company dedicated to the supply of laser and optronics equipment and solutions in Australia. We are a group of physicists and engineers with decades of combined experience in the laser industry.

Our Laser products and Laser services fall under the following categories:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: The use of lasers for welding, cutting, drilling, cladding, etc.
  • Microstructures Engineering: Laser machining at or below 200 microns.
  • Coding and Marking: We provide lasers that can mark plastic, glass, metal, inked card, rubber, organics and more.
  • Perforation: Laser systems for custom perforation of food packaging to extend shelf life.
  • Scientific: Instruments for measuring laser power, energy, beam profile, spectrum, etc.
  • Security: Covert and overt Laser marking of secure features.

Our aim is to provide complete solutions for all your laser-related needs. Make Light Work. Contact Raymax Today!