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Raymax Lasers
Synonymous with Laser Solutions

Offering decades of laser experience to clients in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

2015 will be the International YEAR of LIGHT! Join us and celebrate the use of lasers:

We offer lasers and laser systems in the following categories:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Laser systems for industrial applications including welding, cladding, cutting, near-nett shape manufacture, heat treatment for materials, metal & plastic plastic welding.
  • Microstructures Engineering: A range of fine laser machining at/or below 200 microns.
  • Laser Coding and Marking: Lasers that can mark plastic, glass, metal, inked card, rubber and organics at a variety of speeds.
  • Perforation: Laser systems for custom perforation, such as in food packaging to extend shelf life, with micro sized spots with laser perforation of the film.
  • Scientific: Lasers of various wavelengths, pulse and power spectra for your research as well as optical products and measurement meters from Ophir.
  • Security: Covert and overt laser marking of secure features.
  • Safety: Laser extraction units for air quality.

Our aim is to provide complete solutions for all your laser-related needs. Make Light Work. Contact Raymax Today